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Thursday, May 31
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leading to CERTIFICATION IN GLOBAL MANAGEMENT from one of the Top 20 Global B-School/University
IIPM programmes include a FREE STUDY TOUR TO EUROPE/USA etc. for 2 weeks inclusive of Industry visits for all students under IIPM¡¯s Global Opportunities and Threat Analysis programme (GOTA). From the batch of 2009 onwards GOTA is being taken to a completely different level all together. 100% of students joining IIPM will be doing a special course on Global Management for one week in one of the top 20 B-Schools/Universities* of the world and getting a Certificate in Global Management from the B-School/University that they attend. Students will be sent to different institutions (which will impart the programme) as per the sole discretion of IIPM. More than 7500 students have gone for IIPM¡¯s GOTA to countries like USA, UK, Swizerland, Italy, France etc. in the last two years alone!
*The chosen B-Schools/Universities all rank amongst the top 20 in highly respected rankings like Business Week/Economist/ Financial Times etc. for the years 2006-07/2008.

"IIPM's efforts in bringing students to Europe is Superb..." (Prof. Guy B. Knapton, IMI Europe)
"My interactions with IIPM have good..." (Prof.Miles Dodd, France)

All IIPM students spend 2 to 3 weeks (Free of cost) in various parts of Europe and other developed countries doing their academic and corporate training under a special paper called Global Opportunities & Threat Analysis (GOTA) thanks to IIPM’s Global Outreach initiative which organizes numerous exchange programmes in typical tradition of World-Class B-schools. GOTA is designed to give students a first hand exposure to International Faculty, organizations & economies. The idea is to make the students aware of how a truly global economy works and also to bring a fresh outlook to life conducive to entrepreneurial learning. Students would be sent in study groups of minimum 15. The students should note that they do not have the choice to decide which country to visit. The institute’s faculty members would decide the same.

During the course of GOTA programme, 7/10 days are reserved exclusively for studies while on the other days students are taken around the city for sight seeing as well as industry visits. When all the students come back after their visits to various countries they share their experiences and the knowledge gained from the interactions with the other students of the institute. This creates an intellectually stimulating and exciting environment in the campus and students get a first hand experience of how things work in other countries. During the GOTA visits IIPM has conducted seminars and lectures in association with organizations /institutions like : IMD, Lausanne ; The United Nations ; ILO ; The World Bank ; Geneve Financial Centre ; Credit Suisse ; Nestle ; Insead ; IMI, Europe etc.

Faculties/Representatives from leading organizations who have taken sessions for our students in the GOTA programme

  Dr. Khalil A. Hamdani (UNCTAD Chief, National Innovation & Investment Policies)
  Mr. Marc Berthoud (Vice President, Geneva Financial Center)
  Dr. Luc Van Mele (Dean, International Management Institute, Belgium)
  Professor Hans Hanegreef (Professor, IMI, Belgium)
  Professor Guy Knaption (Professor Strategy, IMI Belgium)
  Dr. Nicholas Bates (Professor, Webster University)
  Dr. Robert Spencer (General Director, European Campuses, Webster University)
  Mr. Thien Luong Van My (Issues Manager, Nestle Worldwide)
  Mr. Philippe Pegoraro (Economics Statistics Head, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry)
  Mr. Max Hool (Legal Head, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry)
  Mr. Abrar Farshori (Manager, Amas Bank, Switzerland)
  Mr. Alexander P. Spirk (Client Relationship Manager, Amas Bank, Switzerland)
  Dr. J. Prokopenko (I.L.O Head, Productivity & Management Development Program)
  Dr. Miles Dodd (Senior Advisor, INSEAD, France)
  Mr. Roland Diethelm (President, Sulzer Hexis, Winterthur, Europe)
  Dr. Bruno Walser (President & Member Executive Committee, Sulzer)
  Mr. Niels Christiansen (Director, Public Affairs, Nestle Worldwide)
  Mr. Thomas Schelling (Head, Asia-Oceania-Africa, Nestle Worldwide)
  Mr. Ernest J. Pope (former MD, Nestle Australia, Senior VP, Nestle Worldwide)
  Ms. Jane Quillet (Corporate Communications, Nestle S.A, Vevey)
  Mr. Ajay Hinduja (Hinduja Group, Amas Bank, Geneva, Switzerland)
  Mr. Jean-Daniel Pasche (President, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry, Bienne)
  Ms. Chantal Garbani (Economist, Federation of Swiss Watch Industry, Bienne)
  Dr. H. Oberhansli (Chief Economic Advisor to the Chief Executive, Nestle S.A., Vevey)
  Ms. Preeta Banerjee (Palais des Nations, United Nations)
  Mr. Kim (Vice President, Marketing, Nestle S.A., Asia-Oceania-Africa)
  Mr. Roland H. Baumberger (Vice-President & Head HR, Sulzer, Europe)
  Dr. Sfeir Younis (World Bank, Geneva, Switzerland)
  Mr. Didier Wacker (Senior Manager, Credit Suisse)
  G.S Jaiya, Director-Small and Medium Sized Enterprise Division, WIPO
  Prof. Nick Bates , Webster faculty of Business, Webster University
  Prof. Ellan Wallace, Webster faculty of Business, Webster University
  Ms. Tullika Kumar, Director-Banking and Financial Services, Michael Page
  Mr. Shishir Priyadarshini, Sr. Councellor, WTO
  Mr. Kuna, Chairman, HSS Engineering
  Mr. C. Mac Head of Harvard Alumini Executive Association, Harvard Business School
  Mr. Ganalingam, Chairman, Westport
  Bonnie Chung, Alan Flora
  Sunway University
  Ms. Toh Lee May, Manager, Newater
  Mr. Denise Gilliot, Deputy GM, ING
  Mr. Joginder Singh Sr. Vice President –ING
  Ms. Samantha Keck, Sr. Manager Corporate Communication, Westport
  Ms. Norharyanti bt. Mohkeri, Chairman, Teknion Furniture Systems( Malaysia)sdn Bhd  
  Suvek Nambiar, Manager IBG Bank, ICICI
  Arvind Aggarwalla, Chairman & CEO, FACT Singapore
  Dr. Ravi Sharma, H.O.D International Relations and Director India Strategy, Nanyang Technolies University
  Mr. Kancharayan, Manager – South east and Africa, Singapore Enterprise International
  Mr. Vishwamohan, Media Manager, Arabian Radio Network
  Mr. Hari Karan Mishra, Director- Business Promotion and Control Abu Dhabi Commercial bank
  Mr. Sumit Malik, Head – Relationship Management, National Bank of Fujairah
  Mr. M.N. Chaturvedi, President, IT People Consulting:- IT-People (India) Ltd
  Mr. Sudesh K. Aggarwal, Chairman & CEO, Giant group
  Mr. Rohit Valrani, Managing Director, Seven seas Group of Companies
  Mr. Thomas, Secretary, Seven seas Group of Companies
  Mr. P.N.Prasad, senior Vice President – Finance, Seven seas Group of Companies
  Mr. D. Krishnamurthy and Mr. Trivikram Jayacham, Manager – Human Resource & Policies and Regulation, ACER
  Mr. Atul Jain, Head of Business Development, Emirates Bank
  Mr. Pratiman Kumar, Brand Head of Europe & Africa for over the counter drugs, Novartis
  Mr. Badrinath, Director DTSS, ITC
  Arabian Radio Network
  Abu Dhabi Commercial bank
  Tim Jones, Managing Director, Lamcy Plaza
  Malcom Joseph, Secretary, Lamcy Plaza
  IT People Consulting
  Mr. Sudesh K. Aggarwal, Chairman & CEO, Giant group
  Seven seas Group of Companies
  SIYA Group of Co
  Thomas Brotel, Managing Director, ENPC School of Management
  Ms. Jeanne Robert, Marketing Head of Asia, South  East Asia and Africa, SAFRAN
  Mr. Francis Dore, President – Indo French Chamber of Commerce –France Chamber of Commerce
  Mr. Phillipe Advani, CEO, EADS
  Mr. Rick Doyle, Business Development Manager Asia, HEC Eurasia